Joining the Holyoke Revolver Club:
All applicants for membership must have passed an NRA Handgun Safety Course and received a Massachusetts State Police Certificate, be at least 21 years of age and have a valid License to Carry.

Applicants must provide one of the following:

  1. MA State Police Certificate with the following course certification number: LTC-002, LTC-003, LTC-004, LTC-005, LTC-006, LTC-011, LTC-012, LTC-014, LTC-018, LTC-021 and LTC-022.
  2. MA State Police Certificate LTC-001 with signed statement from an authorized NRA Pistol Instructor attesting to live fire training and demonstration of safe handling. Statement must include the date of live fire training, location, NRA Pistol Instructor Certificate Number and MA State Police Instructor Certificate Number.
  3. Sworn current or retired MA Law Enforcement Officer with proof of good standing as an active or retired LEO.
  4. Active or retired US Military Service with proof of service and documentation of live fire firearms training. Training must be within 5 years of application date.

If you meet the requirements, bring your License to Carry, Application Fee, NRA Handgun Safety Course Certificate, Massachusetts State Police Certificate and current dues to a membership meeting at 6:30 P.M., fill out an application, receive a brief orientation and allow the membership to vote you in.

There is an application fee of $15.00 (Waved if applicant is a successful graduate of the Holyoke Revolver Club Basic Pistol Safety course), and a $10.00 administration fee.   Please do not make out your check in advance.  New member rates are prorated and will be calculated at time of submittal.

Junior membership
Juniors are sponsored by a club member or enter through the Junior Rifle Team. Juniors must also take and pass the Junior Rifle Safety Course or Basic Pistol Safety Course. Applicants must attend a membership meeting to be voted in. Membership Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the club – (check the calendar prior to attending). Dues are payable upon election to membership and there is an application fee of $15.00 (Waved if applicant is a successful graduate of the Holyoke Revolver Club Basic Pistol Safety course).

New Member Application               HRC QUIZ

Membership Renewal
Your dues can be paid at your convenience, but to prevent any problems, renew your membership by mid-January at the latest. The easiest way to renew your membership is by mail.  Print out the renewal form (See Link below), attach your check for the appropriate amount, and send it to the address on the form. Your 2018 membership card will be mail out to you.  Please fill out one form for each member. 

Membership Renewal Form

Annual dues  (New members prorated Semi-Annually)
$120.00 per year
Spouse $60.00
65 & Over $60.00
Juniors – Free


For more information call 413-539-9345 or Bill Burgess to: