Six-Gun Shoot – Newsletter

Holyoke Revolver Club
Governor’s SIX-GUN Shoot

The first SIX-GUN Shoot of 2018 will be taking place
Saturday, April 28th.

With temperatures on the rise and Nor’easters behind us, it’s time to have some FUN! As usual, the event will be held from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm +/- on The Steel Target Range.

The fee is $6.00 per run, ammo is provided with the fee. A complete description of the event is available on the Club’s website, simply click Members activities, then SIX-GUN Shoot or click the event on the calendar.

With the new safety dividing berm now in place, the 50 yd. Covered Line along with all other ranges will be open to members. Please remember the 50 yd. Covered Line along with the Steel Target Range on the other side of the safety berm can be used with all handguns and rimfire rifles only.

Because of the awesome dedication and support from the SIX-GUN GANG, lunches have developed into something I had never anticipated or envisioned! If having the option of 6 or 8 home cooked meals and deserts ranging from chili, meatballs, pulled pork, buffalo chicken, corn chowder or macaroni and cheese sounds good to you, then you owe it to yourself to come join us if not for anything else but for a bite to eat around noon.

Volunteers are greatly appreciated and necessary, please contact me if you will be available to help or have any questions.  I hope to see you there!

Tom Serricchio, HRC Governor