The next class will be announced when determined.

If you shoot a handgun for fun, but want to go to the next level and participate in this competition, then this is the class for you.
This training will also build the confidence in your gun handling skills if you carry a handgun for protection.

The class will be held inside with dry fire only for the first half of the class until we are able to get outside. You will be required to have your choice of handgun and multiple magazines along with a good supply of dummy rounds, snap caps. The club will provide a safe way to use your hand gun and magazines during the training.
[Absolutely NO AMMUNINATION IN THE TRAINING AREA!] Equipment checks will be performed before every training session.

Then we will explain the different classes that you can compete in and what are the pros and cons of those classes. The different gear

Skills will be broken down and explained in detail. Once outside, we will work on the skills of shooting all the different forms of steel and how to move efficiently safely and under control through a stage of fire will be the major part of the class and will be practiced.

This class is for HRC members only.

The Cost of the class is:
Junior members – FREE
Adult members – $40.00 (Includes all classes).

Class Times: 
Juniors – 6:00 pm to 7:00pm
Adults – 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Topics covered in the course:

  • Gear, What to wear and what not to wear.
  • Where to find the gear to purchase and how to wear it.
  • The different classes you can compete in, and the pros & cons of each.
  • The different gear and gear placement that go with the classes.How to draw your gun correctly, and safely.
  • Massachusetts Gun Laws
  • Skills of shooting all the different forms of steel.
    clam shell., pepper poppers, Texas star, swingers, plate rack, etc.

Instructors:  Chris Rawson, Instructor & RSO, and Dan Jones, RSO

First Class will be on Thursday, January 10, 2019.
Continuing class will be once a month on Thursday
<strong>Check the “Calendar” for the date.</strong>