Concealed Carry Defensive Pistol/Revolver

The Holyoke Revolver Club is proud to sponsor  ADVANCED TACTICS & FIREARMS LLC
PO Box 52, Feeding Hills, Ma. 01030


Sunday July 14, 2019 8:30am – 4PM

Advanced Tactics & Firearms, LLC wishes to announce CONCEALED CARRY DEFENSIVE PISTOL/REVOLVER live fire training course that will be offered at the HOLYOKE REVOLVER CLUB (HRC), 431 West Cherry Street, Holyoke, MA 01040, on Sunday July 14, 2019.

This live fire training event is a closed course open ONLY to HRC members.
The cost will be $175.00, payable to: Advanced Tactics & Firearms LLC.
Mail to: P.O. Box 52, Feeding Hills, MA 01030

The course will need to have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 in order to occur.  Anyone who has not registered prior to 7/13/19 at 5pm and wish to take the course, will be assessed an additional charge of $25 from the listed cost. 

This course will commence in the HRC classroom and then move to an HRC outdoor range.

This live fire course is geared for individuals who wish to carry a concealed handgun on his/her person for defense, either in the home or workplace. The theme of the course will be the proper and safe handling of handguns while carrying on the person as well as acquiring and developing skillsets to survive an armed encounter. The emphasis of the training will be the defensive use of force with a handgun.

The course will commence promptly with the range safety briefing. There will be a period of classroom interaction between instructor(s) and students. Students will demonstrate in a dry fire environment the ability to properly and safely draw and recovery to a holster in a safe manner prior to engaging in any live fire drills. This course provides effective and safe handling of handgun skills as well as tactics from an experienced and professional firearms and tactical instructor cadre with real world experience.

The live fire segment of the course will end with a handgun qualification course which will include all the drills experienced during the training. Students will adhere to the proper and safe handling of handguns at all times or else face removal from the course. The building blocks will be discussed and demonstrated by the cadre. The course will commence promptly at 8:30am with the range safety briefing. The course will incorporate shooting competition drills among course participants. Students will receive a review of Massachusetts & Connecticut Firearms Laws as well as the use of defensive force with a firearm.

The building blocks will consist of the following:

  • Demonstration and detailed instruction on Marksmanship – consisting of Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Follow Through, Breathing.Loading, Reloading and Unloading.
  • Firearm Presentation – drawing and holstering; 4 step process.
  • Immediate Action drills.
  • Remedial Action drills.
  • Positions of Carry in a defensive use of force scenario.
  • Emergency reload.
  • Magazine Exchange/Tactical reload
  • Shooter’s Box concept re: loading and reloading firearm.
  • Press Check.
  • Scan
  • Static Live Fire drills – single shot; controlled pairs; immediate threat pairs; kneeling; one
  • hand shooting (strong hand only).
  • Progress to the introduction of Shooting on the Move – Forward; Back.
  • Single targets and progression to multiple targets.
  • (NOTE – Course will progress at a pace suited for the least experienced shooter and possibly
  • all building blocks may not be covered.)

Student required gear:

  • Pen and small pocket notebook
  • Baseball cap
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Semi-auto pistol and/or revolver
  • Belt
  • OWB Holster; double magazine pouch
  • 3 pistol magazines – 2 speed loaders for revolvers
  • Firearm cleaning kit (if shooter’s firearm needs attention during training day).
  • 350 rounds of FACTORY ammunition – NO RELOADS!

Please click on the “Blue Button” below to sign-up. We will pass on this information onto the Instructor, Jim Markowski. Please make sure you fill in your name exactly as you would like it to appear on your certificate. Sign-up Sheet

Please make out your check for $175.00 payable to: Advanced Tactics and Firearms, LLC, and mail to: Advanced Tactics and Firearms, LLC, P.O. Box 52, Feeding Hills, MA 01030.

There will be a 30 minute lunch break. HRC hierarchy have been gracious enough to provide pizza for lunch. Bottled water will be provided at the training. The course will end by 4pm and certificates will be issued subsequent to successful completion of the course.

If there are any questions please call Jim at 413 478-6112. 
All students must provide for viewing a copy of a current and valid state issued pistol permit/LTC.  
All students will be required to sign a Release/Waiver form.  
Please fill in your name on the registration exactly how you wish to have your name listed on the course certificate.

Thank you,

Jim Markowski
Retired Bureau of ATF Special Agent, Tactical Trainer
Division Tactical Advisor – Boston, Special Response Team

Former Director and Lead Trainer for Colt Defense, LLC – LE Sales & Training Cell 413 478-6112;