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A Friendly Reminder
Of The
Club Rules

The Board of Directors ask all members to review the “Club Rules” every once in a while in order to maintain the concepts of safety, common sense and sportsmanship.
Please go to this link now and then to review: Holyoke Revolver Club Rules 

Several of the rules bare review at this time:

1.  “All shooting will be directed toward established backstops.” At the Holyoke Revolver Club the “established backstops” are the earthen berms at the end of the range.

It has come to our attention that there has been members shooting at objects on the ground. (Pumpkins, Water filled bottles, etc.)

Shooting at these targets is all right if they are raised high enough that your bullet, after passing through the target ends up in the berm at the end of the range.
This rule is to prevent ricochets, where your bullet might hit a rock in the ground and bounce or skip off the surface to an unknown destination.
A rule of thumb is that all targets should be raised 3.5 to 4 feet above the ground in order for you bullet to impact the berm at the end of the range.

2.  “All target material must be removed after shooting is finished.”

We have also noticed that some of the members have been leaving their target materials behind when they leave the range.
Battered pumpkins, torn paper and cardboard, and pieces of wood have been left behind on the range. Please pick up everything that you have brought with you, and leave the ranges clean for the next shooters. Despite what some people might think, pumpkins filled with lead shot, are not healthy for the wild life.

Thank you in advance for following all club rules.


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