USPSA – Practical

The Holyoke Revolver Club holds United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) practice matches on the second Saturday of every month. Matches are shot on the Indoor Range or at the A & B ranges.

Shooting Stages are a mix of paper & steel targets that will test your shooting skills. All USPSA safety rules are strictly followed during these practice matches.
You may be disqualified for not following the rules – USPSA Handgun Rule Book – Click here to download

are required to attend the safety orientation & rules briefing 

All new shooters will need to observe an HRC Practical Match and then register for a safety seminar before participating in a match at HRC. LEOs and individuals with their USPSA Number and Classification are exempt.

Practical Shooting Safety Orientation – click here to download

Required Equipment – NO EXCEPTIONS!

• A center-fire handgun chambered in: .38, 9mm, 10mm, .40 or .45
• An outside-the-waistband (OWB) belt holster – No cross-draw, thigh holsters allowed! (See Chapter 5 of the USPSA Rule Book)
• Holsters must be attached to a belt that is secure through the pant’s belt loops.
• Holsters can NOT be canted – Muzzle can NOT be pointed back!
• Magazine pouches must be secured (OWB)
• 4-5 magazines or speed loaders
• Eye & Ear protection
• 100-125 rounds of ammo
• Attend HRC Practical Shooting Orientation or have proper qualifications.

The Fee is $10.00
This is a total participation sport – which means your participation does not stop after shooting.
Everyone needs to pitch in: Taping targets, help with set up and/or clean up.
8:00 am – Set up – Please come help!
9:00 am – New shooter safety review
9:45 am – Match safety briefing – All shooters
10:00am – Match starts

Match Results may be found at  – Search – HRC

Visitor policy: Club members may bring a guest to a regularly scheduled Club event. Examples: Fun shoot, Practical shoot, or Bullseye match where the Club member may shoot. The member’s guest cannot shoot, handle firearms, or ammunition at any point while on Club property. The member’s guest is the responsibility of the member. Upon arrival, the member must inform the head range officer of the event that they have brought a guest.

For questions please contact Christopher Rawson at;
Attention: Practical Shooting