Benchrest Rifle

Benchrest shooting is a sport in which very accurate and precise rifles are shot at paper targets from a rest or bench from a sitting position. Bench-rest rifle shooters are notoriously detail-oriented and constantly trying to further the accuracy potential of the rifle through experimentation.

Shooters have the option of using either scopes or iron sights and any .22 or .17 caliber rifle.
Eye and Ear protection are mandatory. All safety rules will be followed. This includes the use of a empty chamber indicators when rifles are in the safe condition.

Bench-rest competitions are held on the first and second Saturday (and the 5th Saturday if there is one). The match will consist of 25 shots in 25 minutes with unlimited “Sighters”. The scoped rifle shooters will shoot one shot per bull in the allotted 25 minutes. The iron sight shooters will shoot five shots per bull in the same amount of time. Set up time is 9am. Matches start at 10am sharp.

The cost of the competition is $1.00 per target.