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Notice of Special Appeal Meeting

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Notice of Special Appeal Meeting
July 21, 2021


All HRC Members,


This letter is to notify you of a special appeal meeting that has been scheduled for July 21, 2021 at 7:00pm at the Club. This special meeting has been called to hear the appeal of Assad Awan.

Mr. Awan who joined the Club March of 2020 has had his membership terminated by a unanimous vote of the Board, due to him failing to comply with extremely important rules of the Club. Mr. Awan has appealed the Boards decision in accordance with the Clubs Bylaws.

An explanation of the reasons behind the Boards decision is as follows:
On March 21st during a random check of the Club via its camera system, a vehicle was observed entering the parking lot. Four people exited the vehicle, one of them entered the clubhouse, signed the sign in book then proceeded to the Indoor Range. While in the Indoor Range and apparently unable to turn on the lights as evident by the use of a cell phone light to find some eye and ear protection from the loaner box.  All four people then proceeded to walk in the direction of the 100yd Range carrying two rifle bags.

After a check of the sign in book, it was noted that only one of the four were signed in at that time. The key card system was reviewed and compared to the camera information, it was determined that member Assad Awan was part of the group of four.

A courtesy phone call was placed to Mr. Awan who confirmed being at the Club that morning with three Non-Member guests with him. His statement was “they didn’t shoot and were there to help me carry my stuff and watch”.  He was asked if he shot with his three guests present and he replied “Yes I did”.  In an inquiry regarding his guests, he indicated one guest did have an LTC and the other two did not have any form of firearm license with one of them being over 18 and the other under 18 years of age.

During the earlier review of the cameras, it was also noted that a fellow Board member was the only other person at the Club that morning. A call was placed to him and his statement was
“ I heard gunfire from the 100yd Range that morning, more rapidly than one gun can fire by itself, even if that gun was a full auto”.  

Mr. Assad has admitted to: Shooting at the Club with three Non-Members present and allowing guests to handle firearms while on Club property. He also failed to have his guests sign in and out. Despite Mr. Assad’s claim that his guests did not shoot, it is the opinion of a long-time member and Club Director that they did shoot, and that opinion is completely supported by the entire Board.

It is for the reasons stated above that the Board decided unanimously to terminate Mr. Assad’s membership to the HRC. As our Bylaws allow for and require, his appeal must now be heard by the membership. A quorum of the membership is required to hear Mr. Assad’s appeal and vote in support of or against the Board’s decision.

All members are asked to please attend this Special Meeting.

If you have a BASIC question or comment about this process, please send an email to our Club’s Governor at  He will do his best to get you an answer. If it is not possible to get you an answer in advance, all questions and comments will be addressed at the meeting.


HRC Board of Directors


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