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HRC Newsletter – October 2017

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Annual Meeting at Holyoke K of C

The club’s election and annual meeting will take place at the November meeting. It will be held at the Holyoke Knights of Columbus, 250 Westfield Rd., Holyoke, MA 01040

The meeting is being moved to the K of C to accommodate the large crowd that is expected for the club elections.  Club offices including President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership secretary, Governor and two Officers at Large will be open.  Any HRC member in good standing may vote, run for office, or nominate another.  Anyone interested in running should notify Club Secretary Rich Asselin.  More details can be found on the club website, and an official notice will be mailed to all club members.

Six Gun Shoot and Barbecue

Club Governor Tom Serricchio is hosting the club’s second Six Gun Shoot on Saturday, October 28, starting at 10 a. m., and juniors will hold a fund-raiser and barbecue.  The course of fire will include six stages with various targets on the outdoor range, using various pistols and revolvers in .22 and .38, a .22 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun.  All firearms and ammo will be provided.  The activity is open only to HRC members, but members may bring a guest to observe.  Safety gear is mandatory. Details are on the club website.

Western Mass. Pistol League

The bullseye matches of the 2017 – 2018 WMPL have begun.  The club competes against other local clubs in weekly .22 gallery matches.  All matches are held on Monday nights at Holyoke.  New shooters are encouraged to join in.  Practice sessions are held on Friday evenings beginning at 6.  Ron Mehlhorn and Pete Galenski are co-captains.

Dues to Increase for 2018

Citing the rising costs of maintenance and the need to fund needed capital projects, the board of directors voted to raise membership dues beginning with 2018 renewals and new memberships.  Adult memberships will be $120, spouses and seniors will pay $60, and juniors will be eligible to join at no cost after taking the safety course.  The decision to drop the $25 fee for juniors was based on new grant eligibility rules established by the NRA Foundation.  New members will pay full fees until the July meeting, when new members’ dues will be cut in half for the remainder of the year, and new members joining in December will only pay the next year’s dues.

Membership Committee

Outreach to new and prospective members, recruiting volunteers and organizing club events will be among the activities of a new Membership Committee being organized at HRC.   Michelle Bailey and Gary Boisseau will serve as co-chairs.  Volunteers are needed.

Ladies’ Night

The club recently held its first ladies-only shooting session, and there are plans to continue the program on the second Wednesday evening of each month.  During that time the indoor range is reserved for use by any and all female HRC members.  The get-togethers are informal, and details are on the club website.

NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course

The club may hold an NRA Metallic Reloading Course over the winter if there is enough interest.  The course is an all-day hands-on session taught by NRA certified instructors, and includes discussion of cartridge components, presses and dies, setups and safe practices.  Participants will receive an NRA  certificate upon successful completion.  Anyone interested may email us at, or see Ralph Rechenberger or one of the officers.

New Security Cameras

Higher-resolution video cameras have been installed inside and outside the clubhouse to provide sharper images for any necessary review.  The system also includes upgraded software.

50 Yard Range Divider

The board of directors voted to construct an earthen berm to divide the 50-yard range so that steel shooters and paper shooters can use it simultaneously without conflicts.  The berm will be constructed to NRA safety standards, using the same materials as in HRC’s other outdoor ranges so that projectiles may be sifted out later and recycled.

New Plate Racks

The club has purchased and installed two new sets of falling plate racks on the outdoor pistol range.  The plates may only be used with pistols, revolvers and .22 rimfire rifles, not centerfire rifles or shotguns.

New Members

Joining the club in October were Michael Falcetti of Easthampton, Matthew Pandina of Wilbraham, Betty Proulx and Chris Lach of Southbridge, William Tugie of Enfield CT, and Jose Santana, Keith Marion and his son Cole, a junior shooter, all of Holyoke.  Also joining were Westover Young Marines Trever and Caleb Grimm, Robert Lawlor, Elizabeth Beshara, Aynsley Davidson, Marcus Espinoza, Brian Heroux, Jr., Landon LaBranch and their adult leaders Edward Mitrook of East Longmeadow and Robert Robitaille of Ludlow.

Police Qualifications

The Holyoke Police Department has begun annual qualifications, usually on Thursdays on the outdoor A & B ranges.  South Hadley PD is holding its qualifications on Wednesdays, usually on the indoor range.  The police have exclusive use of the range during their training sessions, but club members may use the other ranges or wait for the officers to finish.  Either department may use the indoor range due to inclement weather.

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

The club offers the New Basic Pistol Shooting Course every month.  Successful completion provides the students with the credentials to apply for Massachusetts firearm licenses.  The course is conducted by NRA-certified instructors and range safety officers, and is held on the third Saturday of every month, with lunch provided.  Details and signup applications are on the club’s website.

HRC Shooting 101

The club holds familiarization courses for newly-licensed members to try out a selection of 10 handguns prior to purchasing their own.  Firearms range from .22 to .45 ACP, and the course is run by certified instructors and range officers. Signup information is on the club’s website.

First Shots

HRC also conducts a course for gun owners to become familiar with the operation and safety features of handguns they have recently purchased.  This course will also fulfill the Club’s “Live Fire” requirement in order to join HRC.   Signup information is also on the club’s website.

Construction Projects

The board of directors is planning a study of major improvements and updates for the indoor range.  Also in the works are steel targets for the 100-yard range.


The junior rifle program is up and running. Details are on the club website. Mike Heisler is in charge.


Ed Pelland has received an Outstanding Service Award from the National Rifle Association in recognition of his recruiting work.   Lately he shares this role and recruiting for the state’s Gun Owners Action League with Carl Eger.  The NRA sends a rebate of $5 or $10 to the club for all renewals or new applications, and the funds support HRC’s youth programs.  NRA memberships received through Ed and Carl are at a $10 discount for annual membership and larger discounts for other terms.  NRA recently reduced the cost of a Life membership to $600.  Ed and Carl are seated at the back table at monthly meetings.

50/50 Raffle

Hector Villalongo won $29.50 in the 50/50 drawing at the October meeting.  Steve Twining’s name was picked in the members’ drawing, but he was not at the meeting.


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