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HRC Newsletter – June/July 2019

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Junior Team Goes to the Nationals

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) National Matches are being held in Ohio this month and members of the HRC Junior Shooting Program are competing in several classes.  After running many fundraisers and receiving a grant from the Friends of NRA, the HRC juniors, accompanied by coaches and parents, are once again testing their speed and accuracy against high school and college shooters from across the country.
There will be a picnic barbecue and fun shoot at the the club, Saturday July 13, 2019 to wish them Good Luck.  There will be additional raffles to help them on there way. 
CLICK HERE to see pics on the Junior’s Facebook Page

Cookouts at the Members Meetings

The summer meeting cookouts have resumed.  Burgers and hot dogs are available. Salads and desserts are welcome.  Serving begins around 5:30, and a $5 donation is suggested. Please contact the Members Committee if you are interested in helping.

New Badges

Membership Secretary Bill Burgess recently developed and distributed newly-designed membership badges for club officers and range safety officers so that they can be identified while at the club.  All members are required to wear their cards while on club property, and each have a responsibility to maintain safe practices and promote the welfare of the club.

Madam Chairman

In the absence of both the president and vice-president for the June meeting, an email went out to board members to choose a substitute, and they designated board member Amy Burgess to be the very first woman to run a monthly meeting of the Holyoke Revolver Club.  As the meeting was adjourned she was recognized with a round of applause.

Renew Membership and Pay Online

The club now has a convenient system in place for members to renew their memberships and pay for them without writing a check or stamping an envelope.  The new system also saves the membership secretary’s time as he can keep the club roster up to date more quickly.
Click HERE for more info.

The New HRC Members Handbook (Club Rules) has been published.

The new Holyoke Revolver Club Members Handbook is now available on our website. This handbook covers all the clubs rules and regulations, some new and some just better explanations of the existing rules. It is your responsibility as a club member to know and follow these rules. Please click on the link below and review this rules.
New HRC Members Handbook.

Police Training

Annual qualification sessions for officers of Holyoke, South Hadley and Holyoke Community College police departments are taking place currently.  Dates and times are listed on the club’s website calendar.  During these training sessions the police have exclusive use of the range.  Club members may use alternate ranges or wait for the officers to finish.

HRC Members’ Activities

Fun Shoot July 9 & 23, August 6 & 20, Sept 3 & 17. CLICK HERE for more information.

Rimfire Benchrest Rifle – July 20 at the 100 yd range & Aug 3 at the 50 yd range. CLICK HERE for more information.

Governors Six Gun Shoot – August 24th. CLICK HERE for more information.

USPSA Practical Shoot – July 13th & August 10th at the A&B Ranges. CLICK HERE for more information.

Women’s Only Night – August 14th.  CLICK HERE for more information.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

The club offers the NRA Basic Pistol course on the third Saturday of each month.  Students who pass the course receive both an NRA Basic Shooting certificate and a MA Basic Firearms Safety certificate which allows them to apply for both MA and CT licenses to carry firearms.  More info on the club website.

First Shots

Looking for training specific to that new handgun you just purchased?   HRC also conducts a course to familiarize new gun owners with the operation of their newly-acquired guns.  If you know a perspective member that needs to fulfill their “Live Fire” requirement in order to join HRC, this is the course for them.
Click Here for more info & to signup.

Shooting 101

This is a follow-up course to the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course and provides a more hands-on shooting experience. You will have the opportunity to handle and shoot many different types and calibers of handguns. This class is also for HRC members whom are considering the purchase of a new handgun.

This class has been suspended until further notice due to lack of interest.  If you have interest in this class please contact Bruce Hermans, HRC Chief Instructor  at  You will be put on a waiting list, and contacted when we reach a minimum of eight (8) students.  Thank You.  


HRC encourages its members to join the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts.  Ed Pelland and Carl Eger are the club’s recruiters for both organizations and can be found at the back of the room at monthly meetings.  They offer memberships at a discount, and the NRA returns rebates of $5 and $10 for renewals and new memberships.  Those funds are donated to the club’s junior programs.

50/50 Raffle & Members Raffle

Cathy Wauczinski won $27 in the 50/50 raffle at the June meeting.  D.Casabala’s name was picked in the members’ drawing, but wasn’t at the meeting.
Dan Jones won $28 at the July meeting, and James Ngugi’s name was pulled for the members’ drawing, but he was not at the meeting.

New Members

The following new members joined the club at the June meeting: Junior Swaby of South Hadley, Miguel Rodriguez and Christian Ruiz both of Springfield, Natalia English of Westfield and James and Anne Brown of Chicopee.  Joining the club in July were Jacob Charette and Jazive Delgado, both of Holyoke, Lynnal Baker of Springfield, Michael Drapeau of Chicopee, Kyle Galindo of Arlington, Samantha Kazunas of Southampton and Barbara Ann Osgood of Hadley.


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