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HRC Newsletter – June 2018

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July Meeting

Because the Independence Day holiday falls on the first Wednesday, the July meeting will be held on July 11.  When the first Wednesday falls on a holiday or if severe weather makes travel unsafe, the monthly meeting will be held on the following Wednesday.

New Rules

The board of directors recently instituted new safety rules for gun handling within the clubhouse.  Any guns brought into the building must be holstered or in cases, unloaded, until they are on the indoor range.  Guns may not be handled or cleaned in any other area of the building.  Also, there are new guidelines for participants in the practical matches, both indoors and outdoors.  The guidelines are posted on the HRC website.

Summer Shooting Hours

Outdoor range hours from May through August are 8 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.


The club has resumed its summer cookouts prior to monthly meetings.  Burgers and hot dogs, salad and desserts will be available starting at 5:30.  There is a suggested $5 donation.

Indoor Range Cleaning

The Abide Co. recently completed a thorough cleaning of the indoor range.  The board of directors has voted to have the range professionally cleaned from time to time due to the increased use by the 800+ club members.

Bullseye Practice

The club competes in the Western Mass. Pistol League each fall and winter.  Currently there are practice sessions on Friday evenings, with team captain Ron Mehlhorn in charge.  The indoor range is also open for other shooters as well.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

The club offers the NRA Basic Pistol course on the third Saturday of each month.  Students who pass the course receive both an NRA Basic Shooting certificate and a MA Basic Firearms Safety certificate which allows them to apply for both MA and CT licenses to carry firearms.
Details and signup information are also on the club website.

Shooting 101

The club holds familiarization courses for all HRC members to try out a selection of 10 pistols and revolvers in calibers ranging from .22 to .45 ACP.
If you are in the market for a new handgun, or just looking for an educational night out this class is for you.  You can try before you buy, or experience new and different handguns.
For more info: CLICK HERE
The course is run by certified instructors and range officers and details are on the club website.

First Shots

HRC also conducts a course to familiarize new gun owners with the operation of their newly-acquired guns.  This is also the coarse for potential members to get “Live Fire” certification.  Details and signup information are also on the club website.

Summer Class Schedule

Due to the lack of interest during the summer months both the Shooting 101 Course and the HRC First Shots Course will be every other month. First Shots will be held in July.  Shooting 101 will be held in August.  The club will resume the regular schedule in September, and will schedule an extra class if there is enough demand.  The NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course will continue to be held monthly.


HRC encourages its members to join the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts.  Ed Pelland and Carl Eger are the club’s recruiters for both organizations and can be found at the back of the room at monthly meetings.  They offer memberships at a discount, and the NRA returns rebates of $5 and $10 for renewals and new memberships.  Those funds are donated to the club’s junior programs.

50/50 Raffle

Carl Eger won the 50/50 raffle at the June meeting, and Robert Mallett’s name was drawn in the members’ raffle but he was not at the meeting.

New members

The following new members joined the club at the June meeting:  John Grace of Easthampton, Alexander Parker, a junior member, of Williamsburg, Katie Viola-Downey, Judy Kieth, Shannon and Jennifer Ducharme of South Hadley, Billy, Meghan and Trinity (a junior member), all of Feeding Hills, Wilfredo Martinez, Kency Gilet and Mary Dziedzic of Springfield, Lewis Gordon of Longmeadow, Simond Stevenson, Lisa Lessing, Joseph and Dawn Presz, and Kevin Scott of Chicopee, Steven Negron of Holyoke, Katy Ann Stark of West Springfield and David Sullivan of Southampton.


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