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HRC Newsletter – February 2019

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GOAL Course at HRC in March

The Gun Owners’ Action League will hold a BFS course for registered instructors on March 30 at the club.  Topics Include:

  • Applicable Laws regarding the possession, transportation and storage of guns within the Commonwealth
  • Suicide prevention and emotional health resources
  • Instructor Requirements under 5.15 CMR 3.05 and Chapter 140 § 131P(b)
  • LEOSA Requirements under 515 CMR 6.00
  • LEOSA Requirements under 515 CMR 6.00

Tuition is $20 for GOAL members and $60 for non-members, payable on the GOAL website.

RSO Course

The club will conduct a training course in April for new Range Safety officers.  The date is still to be determined. We will announce when set. Click Here for more info…


The club has recently installed an AED (automated external defibrillator) to be used in a case of sudden cardiac arrest.  CPR and AED training is available through the Red Cross and other agencies, but the Phillips HeartStart AED is designed to be used even by untrained personnel, with voice prompts directing the user at each stage.  More information may be found at

Volunteers Run the Club

Virtually everything that happens at the club is the work of volunteers who donate their time.  Club members are encouraged to contact Volunteer Coordinator Amy Burgess through the club to sign up for club projects and events.

Renew Membership and Pay Online

The club now has a convenient system in place for members to renew their memberships and pay for them without writing a check or stamping an envelope.  The new system also saves the membership secretary’s time as he can keep the club roster up to date more quickly.  Details and a link are on the club’s home page.  Members who have not renewed by the end of February will find their cards locked out of the system.

New Rules

The board of directors recently instituted new safety rules for gun handling within the clubhouse.  When in the HRC building, firearms are to be holstered or cased until on a firing line or otherwise used as a teaching prop, in a safe condition, during HRC authorized classroom training.   Guns may not be handled or cleaned in any other area of the building. 

There are new guidelines for participants in the practical matches, both indoors and outdoors.  The guidelines are posted on the HRC website.

Also, “bump firing”, regardless of the mechanism, is not allowed.

Range Reminders

HRC members are required to wear their membership cards while at the club.  Brass casings of all sizes and calibers and target materials should be collected and recycled after shooting.  Targets must be placed so that bullets will safely impact backstops and only the backstops.  

Police Training

Annual qualification sessions for officers of Holyoke, South Hadley and Holyoke Community College police departments are taking place currently.  Dates and times are listed on the club’s website calendar.  During these training sessions the police have exclusive use of the range.  Club members may use alternate ranges or wait for the officers to finish.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

The club offers the NRA Basic Pistol course on the third Saturday of each month.  Students who pass the course receive both an NRA Basic Shooting certificate and a MA Basic Firearms Safety certificate which allows them to apply for both MA and CT licenses to carry firearms. Click Here for more info.

First Shots

HRC also conducts a course to familiarize new gun owners with the operation of their newly-acquired guns.  Details and signup information are also on the club website. Click Here for more info.

Shooting 101

This is a follow-up course to the HRC – NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course and provides a more hands-on shooting experience. It is also a chance for HRC members looking to purchase a new handgun to try 10 different types of handguns.  Click Here for more info.


HRC encourages its members to join the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts.  Ed Pelland and Carl Eger are the club’s recruiters for both organizations and can be found at the back of the room at monthly meetings.  They offer memberships at a discount, and the NRA returns rebates of $5 and $10 for renewals and new memberships.  Those funds are donated to the club’s junior programs. 

50/50 Raffle

Ed Costello won $28 in the 50/50 raffle at the February meeting.  John Lanty’s name was drawn in the members’ raffle but he was not at the meeting.

New Members

The following new members joined the club in February:  Jonathon Breard of West Springfield, Duane Camp of South Hadley, Craig Filiault of Southwick, Michael Higgins of Holyoke, Aiden McBee, Aidan Leary and Ryan Kennedy, all junior shooters, of Ludlow, Ed Thibodeau, Troy Raby, Keven Garcia-Miranda, Corey Fagullar, Robert and June Langevin, John and Barbara Lemanski and and junior shooters Ethan and Gabrielle Lemanski, all of Chicopee, Alan and Laurie Lavigne and Douglas Schmidt, all of Easthampton and Dan Olbris of Springfield.


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