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HRC Newsletter – December 2016

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NRA Recruiter Award

Ed Pelland has received an Outstanding Service Award from the National Rifle Association in recognition of his recruiting work over many years. Ed has been among the top ten recruiters nationally, and for years has taken the floor at club meetings to encourage HRC members to join the NRA as well as the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts. Lately he has shared this role with Carl Eger. The NRA sends a rebate of $5 or $10 to the club for all renewals or new applications, and the funds support HRC’s youth programs.


The club encourages its members to join the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners’ Action League, the state rifle and pistol association.  Carl Eger is the new club recruiter for both organizations, and handles membership applications and renewals for both. Club members can save $10 per year by paying for their NRA memberships through Carl.  Carl receives NRA rebates for each renewal or new membership, which he applies to NRA memberships for the junior members of the club.   Click Here for more info.
The NRA has come up with an enticing new life membership, i.e. life membership had been offered by NRA directly for $1,500.00 pp, which we (HRC) offered for $1,000.00 spread over a 3 yr. payments. It is now being offered (by recruiters only) for $600.00 in a one lump payment.

Club Scrapbook Missing

In 2014 the club celebrated it 100th anniversary, and as part of the celebration HRC members compiled a scrapbook of photographs, news clippings and other memorabilia. The book has apparently been borrowed, and must be returned as soon as possible.

RSO Course

The club will hold a training course for new Range Safety Officers on January 7, a change from the original December date. The course is open to all HRC members at no charge. The Range Safety Officers assist the instructors at all training sessions and play a vital role in maintaining the club’s perfect safety record. Details are on the website.  Norm Desilets is chief instructor.

Construction Projects

The club has applied for an NRA Foundation grant to construct a safety berm down the middle of the 50-yard range. This would allow for two activities to take place safely at the same time. The board of directors is planning a study of major improvements and updates for the indoor range. Also in the works are steel targets for the 100-yard range.

Don Ballou Award

Mike Heisler recently received the Don Ballou Award for outstanding service to the club. Mike is chief instructor for the junior rifle team, a regular instructor at the Basic Pistol, Shooting 101 and First Shots courses, and member of the board of directors.

New Construction

A new handicapped parking pad is ready for use by members and guests. On the 50-yard outdoor range, the club has installed two new dueling trees and a new concrete pad at the firing line. No centerfire rifles may be used on the new equipment. The club is planning to purchase heavier steel targets for use on the 100-yard rifle range.

Target Rifles Sold

The club’s three remaining Izhmash rifles have been sold through consignment by Culverine Firearms of Feeding Hills.  The rifles were full-size and too heavy for some of the youngsters in the junior rifle program.  They have been replaced with lighter models.

Western Mass Pistol League

The annual matches of the Western Mass. Pistol League are under way. The matches are weekly .22 postal matches with other local clubs, through the winter until March. All matches are held at the club, beginning at 6:30 on Monday evenings. The schedule will be on the bulletin board and website, and bullseye practice is held on Friday evenings. Ron Mehlhorn and Pete Galenski are co-captains.

Police Qualifications

Annual qualifications for three local departments are underway. Ranges are closed to club members when there are police officers using a range or classroom. Most qualifications are conducted indoors, and at those times the outdoor ranges are available to club members. HRC members can also ask the officer in charge when the session will finish, and wait for the range to clear.

Volunteers Needed

The club has a full calendar of competition and training events, all staffed by volunteers. With 700 members and growing, the club needs more volunteers to assist at the activities. Anyone who can contribute some time should contact the club through the website or the club phone at 539-9345.


The junior rifle and pistol programs are up and running for the season.  Details are on the club website. Mike Heisler is in charge.

GPS Coordinates

In case of a very serious medical emergency requiring helicopter transport, the GPS coordinates of the 50-yard range and the 800 number of the helicopter service are printed on the blackboard.

New Members

The following new members were welcomed into the club at the December meeting: Thomas Robert and junior member John DaFonte IV, both of Southampton, Sam Dibble of Easthampton, Matthew Ford of Northampton, Michael Markiewicz of Southwick, James Smith of Springfield, Dan Smith and Kelly Stanton, both of Holyoke and Chad Brower of Brimfield.

50/50 Raffle and Membership drawings

Dan Smith won $44.00 in the 50/50 raffle at the December meeting, and donated $20 back to the fund. John DaFonte III won $313.50 in the members’ drawing.


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