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Holyoke Revolver Club News August 2015

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Appreciation Dinner

The club will host a dinner October 3 at the Knights of Columbus #69 in Chicopee. Club members who have volunteered time for club activities will be guests of the club, and spouses, guests and other club members are welcome to attend at a nominal cost to be announced.

Pistol Instructor Training

There will be a training course at the Holyoke Revolver Club for prospective NRA Basic Pistol instructors on the weekend of October 10-11. Tim Messer is the training counselor. Details and registration information may be found on the club website.  NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course

Reloading Course

An NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading course will be held at the club on Saturday, October 24. Bill Burgess and Bruce Hermans are the instructors, and it is a hands-on course with reloading equipment and components provided. Participants receive an NRA certificate upon successful completion of the course.  NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course

Western Mass. Pistol League

The annual matches of the WMPL will begin October 5 at the club. The weekly competitions are 30-round .22 gallery matches against other local clubs. All matches are postal matches, fired at the home clubs. New shooters are encouraged to try bullseye shooting, and loaner guns are available. Ron Mehlhorn and Pete Galenski are co-captains.


The club continues its summer cookouts on meeting nights, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Jim O’Donnell cooks burgers and hot dogs. Salads and desserts are always welcome.

October GunADay Raffle

The Pioneer Valley chapter of the Friends of NRA is holding a 31-day gun raffle during the month of October. Tickets are $25, and available from Norm Desilets, George Apgar and from Debbie and Pete Galenski. Only 1000 tickets are sold, and when the three-digit number matches the first three numbers of the Mass. Evening lottery draw, the ticket holder wins a new firearm. The Friends of NRA is part of the NRA Foundation, a 501(C)(3) charity that funds grants for shooting club activities.

New treasurer needed

Club Treasurer Paul Cadorette announced he will be retiring from the post in November. Anyone interested in becoming the next treasurer is welcome to work with Paul and learn the system. Interested parties should see Paul or Club President Norm Desilets for information.

Lost Certificates

Students who have misplaced the NRA/MA State Police training certificates that are issued on successful completion of the club’s training course will be charged $20 for replacement certificates, following a vote of the board of directors.

Junior Rifle

The club’s safety and marksmanship program for junior shooters is held on Thursday evenings. Mike Heisler is chief instructor. Information is available on the club website.  HRC Junior Rifle Program

Practical matches Moving to First Sunday

The club’s practical matches, which had been held on the fourth Saturday of the month, will now take place on the first Sunday. New shooters should arrive at 9 a.m. for safety instruction. Participants should bring a centerfire pistol or revolver and 100 rounds of ammunition, extra magazines and speedloaders, a holster, which is not a shoulder or crossdraw model, a baseball cap and eye and ear protection. Chris Fila is in charge. Volunteers are needed to set upost the stages, and should arrive at 8 a.m.  HRC USPSA – Practical Matches

New Members

Joining the club at the July meeting were Kathleen McCann and Marsha and Phillip Greco of Holyoke, Luis Aguayo, Matt Sudol and James and Anne Brown, all of Chicopee, Heath Dion, David Brosseau, Elizabeth Mineo-Brown and Robert Brown, all of West Springfield, Jessica Moore, Ashley Stebbins and Lora Martone, all of Westfield, Robert Lynch and Julie Colonova of Easthampton, Debbie Murray of Southampton, Eric Peterson of South Hadley and Anthony Kenney of Agawam. Joining in August were Rafael Peralta, Ramon Espinal, Kevin Ward and Maritza Concepcion, all of Springfield, Linda Roberts, Gretchen Powers, Daniel Mabb and junior member Austin Sawicki, all of West Springfield, Alana Parnell, Josue Salgado and Dwight Kelley, all of Holyoke, Jason Emmonds and John Cunha of Westfield, Manuel Salgado of Chicopee, junior member Albert Ahart of Southampton, William Dunn of South Hadley, Shelley Stream of Hampden and James O’Donnell of Ludlow.

HRC Hats and Patches

Hats and jacket patches embroidered with the club’s logo are now available for sale from Membership Secretary Bill Burgess. Also available are limited-edition items commemorating the club’s 100th anniversary.

NRA and G.O.A.L.

The club encourages its members to join the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners’ Action League, the state rifle and pistol association. Ed Pelland is the club recruiter for both organizations, and handles membership applications and renewals for both. Club members can save $10 per year by paying for their NRA memberships through Ed for $25, rather than the standard $35. Ed receives NRA points for each renewal or new membership, which he applies to NRA memberships for the junior members of the club.
Fun Shoots – Dave Sparko conducts fun shoots on Tuesday evenings at the club. Competitors shoot .22 pistols at steel plates and a “Dueling Tree” of spinning targets, trying to move all of the discs to the opponent’s side of the tree. Match schedules will be posted on the club’s website and calendar.

Pistol Course

Holyoke Revolver Club conducts an NRA Basic Pistol course every month on the third Saturday. Successful participants receive both the NRA certificate and the Massachusetts State Police certificate required for firearms licenses. To register or for more information visit The club has more than a dozen NRA-Certified Pistol Instructors and more than two dozen NRA-Certified Range Safety Officers. Volunteers are needed to monitor the firing line from around 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.  NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. 

Shooting 101

The firearm familiarization course for new shooters has been reorganized and will be offered on certain evenings at a reduced cost of $25. The fee will rise to $30 in November to cover the increased cost of ammo. Rich Asselin is in charge, and is looking for instructors and RSO’s to assist. For more information and to register for Shooting 101 visit HRC Shooting 101. 

50/50 Raffle and the Members’ Drawing

Fred Doersam won $57 at the July meeting. Ken Robinson’s name was drawn in the members’ drawing, but he was not at the meeting. Mike Heisler won $36.50 at the August meeting. James Moore’s name was drawn in the members’ drawing, but he did not attend the meeting.


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