Enviromental Information

Lead Shot Initiative:
The Holyoke Revolver Club has joined with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to ensure the long term protection of the environment. Organized through the auspices of Gun Owners Action League (GOAL), the Lead Shot Initiative is a state-wide program to help shooting organizations cope with the demands of managing and recovering lead expended in the course of shooting activities.

A series of meetings with the DEP and its local representative Tom Keefe of the Springfield office were held, starting in 2000. Tom has been a great friend and resource. He is a shooter and understands the unique requirements of a facility such as ours. During the course of several visits to the range, Tom and club management have been able to understand how the ranges are used, where lead deposits would be contained, the flow of groundwater and other factors that allow the Club to plan for the management of lead. The goal is to prevent lead from leaching into the soil and its possible migration to ground water.

The Club developed an Environmental Stewardship Plan and filed it with the DEP in August of 2001. It was accepted and indeed praised for its thoroughness.

The 35 acres that make up the property of the Holyoke Revolver Club contains many areas that are considered wetlands. A stream flows through the property. These areas must be protected. This is both the law and the desire of Club members. Whenever any activity is planned that may have an impact on wetlands, the Club has consulted with the Holyoke Conservation Commission and or the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The Clubs ranges have been situated to comply with state regulations and we continue to improve our stewardship of the property (see Lead Shot Initiative).