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Newsletter – April 2021

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Outdoor Shooting Hours

For the months of May, June, July, and August, the hours for all Outdoor Ranges is
8:00am to 7:30 pm.
Please remember ALL Outdoor Ranges are CLOSED on Mother’s Day- Sunday, May 9th.
A friendly reminder, failure to abide by this important policy can result in loss of membership.


Members MUST wear a mask at all times while in the clubhouse. You may take your mask off ONLY when in the Indoor Range and actively shooting in a port.
Masks are NOT required outdoors where social distancing of 6 feet can be achieved.

GOAL Spring Fling Raffle

Gun Owners Action League is having an awesome raffle! If you are short on ammo like most people are, you might want to check this one out. The winner takes ALL!!!


The prizes include:

  • Hornady Key Pad Vault
  • 100 rounds Wolf Gold .223
  • 50 rounds Remington Golden Saber .357
  • 50 rounds Federal Tactical Low Recoil Rifled Slugs 12ga
  • 250 rounds Remington UMC 10mm
  • 40 rounds Hornady Critical Defense 45 ACP
  • 500 rounds CCI Standard Velocity .22
  • 450 rounds Russian MFR 45ACP in spam can
  • 500 rounds CCI Mini-Mag .22
  • 500 rounds S&B 9mm
  • GOAL hat
  • Two GOAL limited edition Buck Knives

THAT’S 2240 ROUNDS OF AMMO!!! Click here GOAL Spring Raffle Tickets to purchase your tickets on a chance to win great prizes and to help a great organization!

Spring Clean Up 2021

The Members Committee, led by Board member Paul Sullivan, held the club’s Spring Cleanup on April 18th.  Committee members Gretta

Tucker, Peter Bernard, and Ed Meyer headed a great group of volunteers to do a terrific job at making our club look great!Volunteers were greeted with coffee and donuts upon arrival and all enjoyed a spring picnic cookout upon their completion.We would like to give a big thank you to the following members that worked like crazy to get ready for all of us to enjoy the outdoor ranges this year:  Ron Mehlhorn, Patrick O’Brien, Joe O’Brien, Mike Lannon, Stephen Zancho, Rebecca Dehisa, Rich Moreau, Madalyne Pease, Olivia Pease, Zachary Morrey, Larry Tucker, Charlie Maak, and Paula Maak.

CLICK HERE to see more pictures of the day.

Member Activities

Fun Shoot– Our Director of Fun, Mr. Sparko, held his first outdoor Fun Shoot of 2021- with 10 members in attendance, two of them for their first time. It was a great success and a bunch of FUN !!  He did a low round-count head to head competition, utilizing the two plate racks.

Mr. and Mrs. Canney went home that evening with not one, but TWO trophies! We strongly believe Mrs. Canney let Mr. Canney take the 1st place position, while she tied for 2nd place with Club Governor Tom S. Junior Coach, Uncle Ed, rounded up the 3rd place position.
Unfortunately, time ran out for a shoot off to break the 2nd place tie between the Club Governor and Mrs. Canney. The whispers from the crowd suggest she would have taken him…
The next Fun Shoot will be held outside on Tuesday, May 11th (weather permitting).
CLICK HERE for more information.

Western Mass Pistol League – The end of season banquet/picnic will be held on June 27th, 2021 at 12noon at the Ludlow Fish and Game Club. Shooters from the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 season are all invited. The price is $30.00.  If you wish to attend, please contact Ron Mehlhorn.

Rimfire Benchrest Rifle – The 2021 season is underway. These matches will be held on the first, third, and fifth Saturday of the month (if there is a fifth Saturday), April through October. They meet promptly at 9:00 am for setup.
For information on the WMPL or Rimfire Benchrest Rifle, please contact Ron Mehlhorn.

USPSA – Practical Matches – The Club’s United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Practical Matches are now being held outdoors at The Practical Ranges A&B.

The Club would like to thank Dan Jones for all of his efforts in running the Practical Matches for many years. The Club would also like to thank and welcome the new Match Directors:Jay Parnell, Keith Holbrook, and Chris Rawson for taking over and keeping things running.

If you have any questions regarding the match, contact Chris Rawson at

Club ID Card Labels – Officers & Range Safety Officer

The Holyoke Revolver Club has twelve officers (directors) and many range safety officers (RSO). Should you see a member with their badge that has a logo at the bottom in yellow, know that these individuals are willing to assist with any questions, concerns, or issues you may have. Don’t hesitate to also suggest any ideas or improvements that can make our Club a better place for all. These folks are eager to listen, help, advise, and assist!!

Governors Report

Guest Policy
A quick reminder on the Clubs guest policy, taken directly from the Members Handbook:

Club members may bring a guest for a tour of the Club, but neither party may shoot, handle firearms, or ammunition during the tour.
Club members may bring a guest to a regularly scheduled Club event. Examples: Fun shoot, Practical shoot, Bullseye match, etc. where the Club member may participate and shoot. The member’s guest cannot participate, shoot, handle firearms, or ammunition at any point while on Club property.
The member’s guest is the responsibility of the member.
Members who bring a guest must inform the Range Officer of the event that they have brought a guest upon arrival.
Guests must follow all HRC rules while on Club property.
Members are encouraged to bring guests to monthly membership meetings.

 The Members Handbook can be found at the Club or on the Club’s website. Members and guests are also required to sign in and out.

Centerfire Rifles
Reminder: the only range that centerfire rifles are to be used on is the 100 Yard Range.

Reminder: bringing items like frying pans or homemade steel plates, among other items to use as targets, is a violation of Club policy. This practice is also unsafe to you and other members. The first page of the Members Handbook clearly states: “No shooting of non-target items, glass, paint cans, produce, exploding targets, etc.” and “All personal, non-paper targets must be approved by the Club Governor, or a Club Director before use at HRC.”
Recently this steel target was found at Practical Range A. There are several reasons this target is unsafe to be used.

A friendly reminder, violating Club policies can result in loss of membership.

Police Qualifications

The Local Police departments have started their annual firearm qualifications. The Holyoke, South Hadley, and the HCC PD qualify at our ranges. The different departments utilize different ranges. Club members may use any range that is not in use by the PD at that time. Please be sure to check the dates, ranges, and times. They will be posted on the Club calendar.

Application Process for New Members

New member applicants will need to sign up and attend the HRC Range Safety Training and Orientation Class (RST&O), and then attend a members meeting to be voted in as a member.
For more information on the new process:  CLICK HERE

HRC Communications and your responsibility

The Holyoke Revolver Club provides all Club information to its membership via email and our website at
It is the members’ requirement and responsibility to keep a current email address on file with our Membership Secretary at: The HRC assumes no liability or responsibility regarding its communications to members other than through these two channels. Please do not “unsubscribe” or block HRC emails.  It is the member’s responsibility to read these emails and stay up to date with all information and possible changes at the HRC.

The HRC Members Handbook (Club Rules) is on our Website

This handbook covers all the Club’s rules and regulations- some new, and some just better explanations of the existing rules.
Please click here for the Members Handbook

NRA Basic Pistol Course

The Club continues to offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course on the third Saturday of each month.  Please help us advertise and support your Club by telling your friends and family about our course. Students who pass the course receive both an NRA Basic Shooting certificate and a MA Basic Firearms Safety certificate, along with a live fire endorsement. The certificates will allow them to apply for both MA and CT firearm licenses.
More info on the club website.

First Shots Course

Looking for specific training on a new handgun you just purchased? The HRC conducts a course to familiarize new gun owners with the operation of their newly-acquired guns. We will schedule the next class when a minimum of 4 people are interested. Please contact if you are interested.


The HRC strongly encourages its members to join The Gun Owners Action League (GOAL).
GOAL is the premiere 2nd amendment organization here in the State of MA fighting hard for gun owners, our rights, ranges, retail stores, and the sport as a whole.
Carl Eger is the Club’s recruiter for GOAL and the National Rifle Association (NRA). He can be found at the back of the room at the monthly members meetings. He offers NRA memberships at a discount, and the NRA returns rebates to the Club of $5 for renewals, and $10 for new memberships.
Those funds are used to purchase our Club’s Juniors an NRA membership if they wish.

50/50 Raffle & Members Drawing

March 2021:
Michelle Bailey won $13.50 in the 50/50 raffle!
Paul Jaeger’s name was drawn in the Members Drawing, but he was not at the meeting.
$456.00 goes into the pot for the May Drawing.

New Members

March 2021:
Those joining the Club at the March meeting were Nathan Wytrwal, Kimberly Gagne, and Scott McConnell of Holyoke; Robin and Douglas Dolbow, and Junior Member Eden Siedel of Chicopee; along with Heather Fazio of Belchertown!


Welcome to all of the new members!!!

If anyone has any news they would like to share in our Newsletter,
please contact Christine Serricchio at






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