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News Letter – December 2015

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Target Rifles For Sale

The board of directors recently voted to replace four full-size Izhmash .22 target rifles with lighter models for use in the club’s Junior Rifle program. The Izhmash rifles are for sale complete with target sights, and are offered at $550 each. Norm Desilets has the information.

Indoor Range Closed Sunday A.M. Jan.10

The club will host a meeting of the Massachusetts State Friends of NRA Committee on the morning of January 10. During the meeting the indoor range will ...

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Rules Reminder

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A Friendly Reminder
Of The
Club Rules

The Board of Directors ask all members to review the “Club Rules” every once in a while in order to maintain the concepts of safety, common sense and sportsmanship.
Please go to this link now and then to review: Holyoke Revolver Club Rules 

Several of the rules bare review at this time:

1.  “All shooting will be directed toward established backstops.” Continue Reading →