USPSA – Pratical

The Holyoke Revolver Club holds USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association)  practice shoots on the second Saturday of every month. The matches are held on either indoor range or, weather permitting, at the A and B tactical ranges adjacent to the rifle range.  New shooters should arrive at 9am for an orientation & safety briefing. All USPSA safety rules are strictly followed during these practice matches – click to download the USPSA Handgun Rule Book

If you would like to help set up the stages arrive at 8:00 AM. The first stage begins at 10am.

A center-fire handgun chambered in: .38 cal, 9mm, 10mm, .40 or 45 Cal
An Outside the Waist Band (OWB) belt holster – No cross-draw, thigh holsters allowed! (As outlined in Chapter 5 of the USPSA Rule Book)
Holsters must be attached to a belt which is secure through the pant’s belt loops. Holsters can not be Cantered or tilted forward.
4-5 magazines
Eye & Ear protection
100 rounds of ammo.

Shooting Stages will be a mix of paper & steel targets that will test your shooting skills.
You will learn:
-Proper grip (2 handed)
-Recoil control
-Target transition
-Drawing from a holster

Interest & Questions Contact:
Chris 413-695-3054 –
Rob 413-244-7595
or email us